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Finally - The Truth About Free Flight Upgrades!
 by: Jonathan Kittley

So you've heard about free flight upgrades then? You know, you buy a regular economy flight seat, but then you somehow pull some magic along the way and next thing you know, you've been upgraded to first class, where you're waited on hand and foot the entire journey?!

Well believe it or not, it is true and you can do it too! Actually to be honest, this used to be much more common in the old days, but today, the situation is different. The old tactics don’t work! As an experienced flight steward who started work on the check in desk for the world’s favourite airline, I know about all the tricks people try and use.

When I used to work on the check in desk, I heard all the stories from ‘my wife’s pregnant’, to ‘I'm a VIP’! These things didn't pull any weight with me then, and they don't today either.

Then of course, there were the rumours that if you dress well you'll be upgraded to first class. In fact, many people still believe this today and I have to tell you, it's total rubbish. In fact, I often work the first class cabin even today, and people there do not dress so smart anymore. Everyone is into flying in comfortable clothes which is more important to the modern passenger. It's all about comfort, which is why they're flying first class in the first place.

So then you're wondering how do you get into first class without paying $7000 per head for a ticket?

Well it is possible and it's now been documented thanks to an enterprising young man I met. I was put in touch with him by a friend and he asked me if I would reveal some of the airlines best kept secrets for a book he was working on. He offered to pay me handsomely, and promised my name would never be revealed.

Of course I said, I'm no fool. If I can help a few people to get into a first class seat (which were going to stay empty anyways) then sure I'd help out. But if you want to pay me for it as well, sure, why not!

So we sat down one afternoon and he asked me a load of questions whilst he recorded the conversation for his secret fight guide. When we finished, he paid me the money and we're still friends today in fact. I still give him the odd piece of new info I find which he keeps adding to his guide, and I've even seen him in action using my strategies. He even proves it works on his cheap flight site.

So next time you're having a conversation about whether or not free flight upgrades are true, you'll be able to say you have been informed that it definitely is possible, and hopefully, you'll have benefited from a free upgrade yourself too!

Have fun now,


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Jonathan Kittley is the main interviewee and airline employee, as referred to on the site: where you can learn the information about cheap flights and free flight upgrades.

This article was posted on April 20, 2006


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